YYNAC offers a wide range of programs and services to help meet the needs of the wider Yorta Yorta Community.



YYNAC exists to protect, promote and preserve Yorta Yorta culture, knowledge and information; and revive and share Yorta Yorta language.

ILM-Industries-Health & Social Services


YYNAC builds economic opportunities based on managing and using the resources of Country and presenting Country to visitors.

ILM-Industries-Education & Training


Woka Walla, owned and operated by YYNAC, provides meaningful employment and training in land management.

Key functions of Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation

YYNAC represents the members of the Family Groups who are descendants of the Original Ancestors of the Yorta Yorta Peoples. YYNAC exists to make decisions and act on any matters of significance to the Yorta Yorta Peoples; and to enter into agreements with any person, government agency or authority in relation to the protection of Yorta Yorta Country.

  • Gather, safeguard and promote Yorta Yorta knowledge.
  • Continue to build a sustainable organisation that can deliver the Country aspirations of our people.
  • Build economic opportunities based on managing, using resources and presenting Country to visitors.
  • Increase the understanding and respect for Yorta Yorta Country and culture among other people.

YYNAC offers a range of programs and services 

YYNAC can assist business and industry on requirements on significant Yorta Yorta sites, natural resource management, land use requirements, language names and translations, Welcome to Country, and more.

The YYNAC Cultural Heritage Unit can assist with the following:

  • General consultation and mandatory meetings
  • Field Representation at site visits, surveys, testing and excavation
  • Site inspection meetings
  • Specialist cultural advice
  • Cultural Heritage Inductions.

As a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP), YYNAC performs the following functions:

  • Cultural heritage work.
  • Assistance with the repatriation of Yorta Yorta ancestors.
  • Operation of the Yenbena Training Centre in Barmah township.
  • Maintaining the Yorta Yorta Traditional Owner Land Management Agreement with the State of Victoria over Barmah National Park.
  • Operation and management of a Natural Resource Management (NRM) team, with work on surveying, data collection, works and measures.



To learn more about Yorta Yorta Peoples and the YYNAC, see below; or, visit the Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation Website

Where is Yorta Yorta Country?

Traditional Yorta Yorta lands lie both sides of the Murray River, roughly from Cohuna to Albury Wodonga. They include the towns of Echuca, Shepparton, Benalla, Corowa and Wangaratta; and extend northwards to just south of Deniliquin. The Yorta Yorta have previously launched a Native Title claim which sought confirmation of the continuation of native title over forests and other public lands along the Murray and Goulburn Rivers. Yorta Yorta Traditional tribal lands cover some 20,000 square kilometres.

How to engage with Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation

Yorta Yorta can assist business and industry on requirements on significant Yorta Yorta sites, natural resource management, land use requirements, language names and translations, welcome to country and more. To arrange a meeting please use the online contact form Contact Us (

Yorta Yorta Whole of Country Plan 2021-2030

This plan guides the way for how the Yorta Yorta community is responsible to our future generations, as they depend on what our Yorta Yorta Nation is, and informs our partners on how we do our business, of looking after our people, Country and culture

Final YYWOC Plan_web version 27 May 2021.pdf (