A resurgence in gold

Home to Fosterville Mine – the largest producer of gold in Victoria. Since commencing exploration in 2005, it’s extracted over 3.9 million ounces. Simulations by the Geological Survey of Victoria predict significant gold deposits in the vicinity of 75-million ounces, with multiple million-ounce occurrences, still to be unearthed.

Critical minerals

Antimony’s the second-most valuable metallic commodity in Victoria after gold, and on Australia’s critical mineral list. Loddon Mallee is home to Australia’s largest antimony producer located in the City of Greater Bendigo. The mine’s estimated to contain 17,800 tonnes of antimony – a mineral essential for hardening lead in storage batteries and producing semiconductors.

Zircon and rare earths

Australian-owned VHM Limited holds exploration tenements in the region for zircon and other rare earth minerals critical in the manufacture of industrial permanent magnets and high energy density batteries required in production of electric vehicles and essential for the renewable energy market.

State of discovery

An abundance of opportunity exists for responsible explorers to invest in the sector. Sites across the region have been designated as prime destinations for major deposits of rare earths, minerals and metals – particularly gold in the south of the region and rare earth minerals in the north.

Case Studies

Mining in Loddon Mallee

Mining in Loddon Mallee has a long history and bright future – communities embrace the employment opportunities and economic development that accompanies mining investment.

Fosterville Gold Mine – Keeping the gold rush alive

“Our vision is to see a renaissance of gold mining in the state of Victoria and the recognition that the region remains a powerhouse of the gold mining industry.” – Ion Hann, VP Australian Operations


Mining highlights

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State of Discovery: Mineral Resources Strategy 2018–2023

SourceVictorian State Government

The strategy aims to grow investment and jobs in Victoria’s mining and minerals sector through responsible exploration and development.