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About Regional Development Australia

The Loddon Mallee RDA committee is one of 52 Regional Development Australia (RDA) Committees established by the Australian Government. RDA committees advance economic development, attract investment and create jobs across Australia.

The committees identify economic opportunities and leverage private and public sector investment to the regions; they engage across government, business and community organisations to develop confident regional economies that harness their competitive advantages. In Victoria, RDAs are supported by the Victorian Government. Find out more about RDA Loddon Mallee here.

Loddon Mallee Economic Objectives

The Loddon Mallee RDA Committee is working to implement the economic growth opportunities that are contained within the Mallee and Loddon Campaspe Regional Economic Development Strategies.

Ensure a suitably qualified workforce to unlock our growth potential

To address worker shortages we need to expand training opportunities offered within our region, and ensure they’re aligned with industry needs. Concurrently, encouraging our young towards careers in our future industries, addressing worker housing shortages, and attracting new workers are  regional priorities.

Support sustainable growth in agriculture and food product manufacturing

New technologies and advanced manufacturing capabilities provide opportunities for the region to increase the value of local supply chains and take advantage of changing consumer preferences for safe and healthy food products.

  • Agri-Food Plans – The Loddon Campaspe and Mallee Regional Partnerships are currently developing Agri-Food Plans, which will direct efforts to further grow the sector (more information available soon).
  • Food Industry Supply Chain Enhancement – The Regional Partnerships and RDA have collaborated on work that identifies business opportunities to grow our agri-food sector.
  • Water Availability Mapping –  A resource for potential developers, providing advice on the location, quality and cost of water resources across a large swathe of northern Victoria.
  • Mallee Regional Innovation Centre (MRIC) – A priority of the Mallee Regional Partnership, MRIC was established in 2018 to support innovation in horticulture, water, energy and the environment; it’s also leading a strategy to put Australia on the global map for hydrogen technology and expertise. Access the Drivers of Horticultural Development in the Victorian Mallee.
Enhance the visitor economy, utilising our natural, cultural and built attractions

Prior to COVID-19, tourist visitation numbers and expenditure were growing throughout the entire region. Unfortunately with consecutive years of traveller restrictions we need to rebuild the industry and improve on the natural, cultural and built attractions that draw people to our region.

  • Murray River Adventure Trail – The Mallee and Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership have successfully advocated for the funding required to see Stage One of the trail constructed.
  • Light State – The Mallee Regional Partnership has successfully advocated for the funding required to install world-class light installations to showcase the history, landscape and stories of the Mildura area.
  • World Heritage Listing – The Loddon Mallee RDA has supported work that could culminate in the declaration of World Heritage listing for the Central Victorian Goldfields.
Develop our Industry Clusters – particularly the Murray River Corridor and the Calder Employment and Innovation Corridor

Industry clusters draw competitive advantage from their proximity to competitors, a skilled workforce and specialised suppliers. The Loddon Mallee  region supports two key industry clusters: the Calder Employment and Innovation Corridor, and the Murray River Corridor.

  • Employment and Innovation Corridor – The Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership has prepared a Strategic Plan to deploy a Regional Employment and Innovation Corridor extending along the Calder corridor from Macedon Ranges to Castlemaine and Bendigo and onto Echuca, including the surrounding areas that economically cluster and feed into and influence the Corridor – Background Review and Directions Report.
  • Developing a Cross-Border Economic Strategy – The Mallee Regional Partnership is funding work to explore the potential for developing the precinct that spans the Murray River.
  • Cross Border Commissioner – The Mallee Regional Partnerships advocated for the establishment of a Cross Border Commissioner to address regulatory anomalies in border communities.
Embrace new technologies and emerging opportunities in mining, renewable energy and waste processing

We have the opportunity to build on a growing strength in renewable energy generation, and opportunities in the emerging climate change and circular economy sectors. Underpinning growth across all sectors will be the adoption of new technologies and vastly improved digital connectivity.

  • Embracing the Circular Economy – The Loddon Campaspe RP is supporting the development of waste/resource recovery/circular economy opportunities for our region Circular Opportunity Scan.
  • Digital Uplift – The Loddon Campaspe Regional Partnership has undertaken work to understand the cost of achieving uplift in both broadband and mobile reception across our towns. Find out more information in the 100Gig Business Case, 100Gig Prospectus and the Digital Hub Feasibility Study.  The Mallee Regional Partnership has undertaken similar work Mallee Region Digital Advancement Investment Action Plan.
  • Green Hydrogen Roadmap– The Mallee Regional Partnership and Loddon Mallee RDA have collaborated in the production of a Mallee Region Hydrogen Roadmap.
  • Industry 4.0 Bring on the Future – The Loddon Mallee RDA has prepared a Business Attraction Prospectus to build the Industry 4.0 and Information Technologies sector across the region.  Maturity Report and  Business Investment Prospectus
  • Top 10 Climate Change Projects – The Loddon Campaspe RP is helping to identify the top ten climate change projects across the region (more information available soon).

RDA Loddon Mallee Committee

The Loddon Mallee RDA committee comprises members with expertise across our region’s industries and a deep understanding or how our communities function. The high-calibre team has global, national and local experience in horticulture, agriculture research, mineral sands and rare earth mining, renewable energy, defence and machinery manufacturing, housing policy and planning.

The Chair, Leonie Burrows, is a management consultant with much skin in the game when it comes to CEO roles and board experience in terms of Finance and Audit, Governance, Nomination and Remuneration, Risk and Project Management. Leonie is also chair of the Mallee Research and Innovation Centre, a former CEO of Mildura Rural City Council and a board member of the Murray Primary Health Network (PHN). Read more here.

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