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The corporation wants to tell their story.

  • Ancestors and Past – learning about important Wurundjeri Ancestors from recent history and Coranderrk Aboriginal Station.
  • Recent Past and Present – exploring and understanding key events and dates in the recent history of the Wurundjeri.
  • Significant Places – exploring images and drone footage of natural landscapes of cultural importance for their people.

Services offered

  • Cultural Heritage Services – This includes being a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) with the responsibilities for the protection and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage. This occurs through evaluating plans and providing advice on Cultural Heritage Permits, Cultural Heritage Agreements and Protection Declarations.
  • Natural Resource Management – One of the key aspirations of Wurundjeri Council is to provide a holistic approach working on our traditional Country. This is being achieved by the Narrap team. This includes undertaking activities at the request of clients, managing properties owned by the council and working in partnership to rediscover and document Wurundjeri Traditional Ecological Knowledge.
  • Providing Cultural Practices Services – this includes Welcome to Country Ceremony, Smoking Ceremony, Dance (Corroboree), traditional Music (Yidaki) and Artwork.
  • Cultural Consultations – to assist in engaging with Traditional Owners to discuss planned projects, developments and initiatives that occur on their land. Cultural Consultations provide an avenue for stakeholders to meet with and engage in meaningful dialogue with Wurundjeri Elders about planned or existing projects, developments or initiatives that occur on Wurundjeri lands.
  • Language and Naming – Increasingly, Aboriginal language words are being employed to name public places, facilities (buildings and office suites), events, programs and products. It is protocol to engage with Traditional Owners to seek permission to use their language words and seek guidance about what language words might be appropriate for use in these instances. Thier traditional language is Woi wurrung. Council is in the process of developing language use protocols (i.e., licensing agreements) for the use of language. Such a protocol will ensure the cultural integrity of Woi wurrung language use.
  • Education, Tours & Cross-Cultural Awareness Training – The corporation offers tailored cultural awareness and professional development sessions for upper primary to tertiary levels in schools, not for profit, government and corporate sectors and community organisations. These sessions are tailored and are facilitated by a skilled Wurundjeri Educator.
  • Research – Wurundjeri Woiwurrung people are the keepers of their traditional knowledge and history. The research unit offers the following services Facilitation of Cultural Values Recordings
    • Wurundjeri Woiwurrung Knowledge Recording
    • Cultural Values Studies
    • Review of Draft Reports
    • Provision of Preliminary Findings and Advice on Request
    • Ethnohistorical or Anthropological Research and Review
    • Genealogical Research
    • Other Research Projects


Employers and innovators

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How to engage with Wurundjeri

Wurundjeri can assist business and industry on requirements on significant Wurundjeri sites, natural resource management, land use requirements, language names and translations, welcome to country and more.  To arrange a meeting please use this online contact form.

Engage with Taungurung Land and Waters Council

We can assist business and industry with  requirements on significant Taungurung sites, natural resource management, land use requirements, language names and translations, Welcome to Country,  and more.  To arrange a meeting please use the online contact form.

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