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For over 27 years, Warral Maldon , located in Mount Alexander Shire, has been owned and operated by fifth-generation beekeeper, Lindsay Callaway, whose experienced team of 12 manages more than 2,600 hives producing over 150-plus tonnes of honey and 2,000kg of beeswax each year.

Everything about Warral Maldon’s business is centred on sustainability – the protection of native flora and fauna is integral to their success. Having created a professional, efficient and skilled larger-scale operation, they’re passionate about knowledge-sharing and leading the way in innovation and entrepreneurship in their industry. They seek out new and better ways to operate, notably the transportation of bees and hives, and have developed custom trucks to transport them safely and efficiently.

Warral Maldon’s focus is on producing and selling more of their own honey, and they’ve massively ramped up production of their hives, hive materials, queens and broods. They also have plans to diversify their product, making new and innovative lines of honey, beeswax candles and wraps… and more. Retail is a big focus in their online store as they continue to grow their manufacturing and distributor client base.


People want to work here

“If you’re passionate, we can teach you beekeeping on the job. We want people who love it as much as we do.”


Support for sustainability

“We have solar panels and systems in place to reuse/recycle as much of our waste as possible.”


Only 1.5 hours to Melbourne

Strong local freight and logistics support, and high-quality road and rail links.

Why Loddon Mallee?


“Maldon is a central point for the Warral Maldon business to operate from, allowing us to work apiaries across the state year round,” says Lindsay Callaway. “We obviously need to be regional as we’re an agricultural business, and the central Victorian location is perfect for reaching our honey flows across Victoria, and into South Australia and southern New South Wales..”

“We have good access to our customers and suppliers who are located both locally, and in Melbourne and interstate; supported by an excellent local freighter. We’ve also found Mount Alexander Shire Council helpful and easy to work with.”

“Trust the local professionals and be confident using their services. Loddon Mallee has excellent tradespeople, professionals, freighters, suppliers and businesses, so use and support them. Warral Maldon has been able to attract high quality staff who really want to work here, seek long term positions with us, and are proud to be part of the team.”

“Warral Maldon is built on one family’s love of bees and everything they do, from producing beautiful golden beeswax to their vital pollination work for Australia’s agriculture, and of course creating the highest-quality, most delicious honey – with a little help from
their passionate apiarists.”
– Lindsay Callaway, Owner/Managing Director



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