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In the beautiful countryside of the Loddon Shire, between two lakes, Salute Oliva grows olive trees using organic certified principles. A proud family business, they manage the entire process from growing and tending, irrigation management, harvesting, and pressing. Having the capacity to process the olives ‘on farm’ reduces the time to pressing or pickling, ensuring the highest-quality product. The in-house bottling and filling plant allows small-batch fillings, enabling maximum freshness in every delivery.

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Saluté Oliva is transforming their olive grove by implementing regenerative farming practises with a major focus on soil health. Over the next 5 years, they’ll transition towards increased electrification of the farm, installing a second large-scale solar system. This will allow them to participate on a flexible feed-in supply to the grid as well as sell power to the grid and take it back on low charge intervals.

Saluté Oliva enjoy the community spirit of the region in which they operate and pride themselves on their ability to improve and adapt their products by engaging with their customers and encouraging honest feedback. They consider their customers as partners, not just buyers. Their goal is to deliver what their clients want – not what they think they want, which has forged personal and loyal relationships. Saluté Oliva say they’re operating in a “sweet spot” and strive to continue to grow sustainably.


Loyal and local freight providers

Strong local infrastructure and services, which include schools that consistently perform above state average.


Clean environment, fertile soil

An excellent climate for agriculture, and renewable energy.

ILM-Industries-Education & Training

Proximity to Bendigo

“An hour from Bendigo, Boort was an ideal choice to settle a family and develop a rural business.”

Why Loddon Mallee?


Boort offers an attractive regional lifestyle with a good climate for agricultural production, excellent local infrastructure for growing families and helpful community support for small businesses.

“You’ll be surprised by the benefits of running a regional business. People are hard-working, reliable and will quickly identify with the type of business involved,” says Marlies.

“The local community, shire authorities and local contractors were all incredibly helpful with advice, support and knowledge to get us on the right track, and made sure our needs were satisfied. As we later learned, Boort is the largest growing olive region in the southern hemisphere. Most of our knowledge from a technical understanding of growing olives has come through local network connections.”

“We hope the Loddon Mallee region can attract many people with entrepreneurial skill who are willing to develop small and medium size businesses in the region. This is essential to keep a healthy population in the rural towns and maintain services and shopping opportunities. Family businesses are the key for a healthy, diverse and active community.”

“Through a combination of available irrigation, fertile soil, good climate and a healthy and proud community with plenty of leisure activities, any business deciding to be based in Boort will be successful in doing so.”
– Marlies & Peter Eicher, Owners/Operators



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