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Founded in 2014 by Bendigo local, Dan Beaty, Clear Dynamics is a global leader in AI enterprise business software. Harnessing the power and potential of AI, Clear Dynamics pioneers new ways for businesses to transform and innovate their technology and business models. Using their platform, aieos, to automate the software delivery process, they provide perfect-fit hyper-adaptive solutions to their customers, 20x faster than traditional approaches and at significantly reduced cost.

Clear Dynamics is providing the world’s largest industries with solutions that improve quality of life. By augmenting professional enterprise employees’ daily lives with solutions that automate overly complex or repetitive tasks, Clear Dynamics is exponentially enhancing productivity, innovation and capacity to respond to individual customer needs with integrity.

Positioned at the leading edge of AI innovation, their industry cloud solutions eliminate the need for enterprise organisations to have their own on-site commercial server facilities, thus reducing power and hardware waste by-products. Clear Dynamics has changed the way enterprise software is developed and delivered to enable businesses of all kinds to upgrade, evolve, change course, and do more; more efficiently, more effectively and more rapidly than was ever thought possible.

ILM-Industries-Transport & Freight

Proximity to Bendigo airport

Largest capacity airport in north-central Victoria with $10M secured towards expansion, creating opportunity for larger planes and new domestic routes.

ILM-Industries-Professional Services & Public Administration

100-gig internet speed

A distinct competitive advantage and almost unique for a regional city, Bendigo’s internet speed is up to 1,000 times faster than the national average.

ILM-Industries-Tourism & Visitor Economy

Championing an AI innovation hub

Alongside super-fast internet, Bendigo has many of the unique characteristics that facilitate “Flow State”.

Why Loddon Mallee?

From Bendigo to the world

Clear Dynamics CEO and founder, Dan Beaty, lives in Bendigo but his vision’s always been global. “Our company has grown organically, from Bendigo. We’re proving that high quality technology jobs mean people can work from home wherever they live. This will be particularly important as we scale internationally.” With a third of employees working from Bendigo, all of whom love the regional lifestyle, they are ably supported by the technology infrastructure to work globally.

“Bendigo has a unique combination of enterprise sized organisations across multiple domains (Banking, mining, healthcare), a cohesive business network, good technology infrastructure, strong education facilities at all levels, excellent sporting and recreational facilities, and a community that values the natural environment. Each of these factors are critical to attracting and retaining top talent.”

“Engage with the business organisations and regional government agencies available, for example, Be.Bendigo and industry-specific networks. Bendigo has a uniquely strong business networking culture. There’s a terrific, experienced, entrepreneurial and – above all – friendly and welcoming network here to support your success.”

“We are championing the establishment of a Digital AI Hub in Central Victoria to attract like-minded expertise and businesses through establishing global thought leadership for AI enterprise transformation.”

“Our vision is for Clear Dynamics to be the universal solution for the Enterprise Software Industry, across every industry, transforming entire Tier 1 global businesses and industries with our AI platform (aieos). We’re scaling rapidly to meet demand for our pioneering enterprise software globally – and that means overseas expansion is on the cards.” – Craig Hunter, Regional Development Executive



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