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In its eighteen years of operation the Fosterville Gold Mine (located in Bendigo), now owned by Agnico Eagle, has become the largest gold producer in the state of Victoria. Since 2005 their underground operation has produced over 3.5 million ounces of gold.

The business is still growing. They have a strong focus on improving engineering efficiencies through their processing plant and mining mechanisation. They’ve adopted digital technologies such as the remote operation of machinery, the implementation of a fully connected and integrated underground Wi-Fi system, and have committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Agnico Eagle has the vision to be successful in the Loddon Mallee region as well as the rest of Victoria. They see themselves growing sustainably while working in tandem with local businesses in the region to leave a permanent positive legacy.


Over 600 employees, 250 contractors

Boasting a stable workforce with turnover well below the industry average.


More than 3.5 million ounces of gold

The Central Victorian Goldfields remain one of the richest gold provinces in the world.

ILM-Industries-Manufacturing & Engineering

Leading technology, globally competitive

Adopting digital tech such as remote operation of equipment and an underground Wi-Fi system.

Why Loddon Mallee?


There’s no better place to mine than in the Goldfields of Central Victoria. “The Fosterville Gold Mine is located in one of the historically richest gold provinces in the world,” says Ion. “The history of the region has been preserved and its gold mining origins are embraced and celebrated.”

“The Loddon Mallee region is unique. It’s a thriving regional area with an abundance of opportunities for business, communities, and individuals. The benefits for Fosterville Gold Mine operating in the Loddon Mallee are the collaborative relationships with local government and regulators to deliver important projects which allow the continuation of our business.”
“It’s also important to us to ensure the presence of our business strengthens the community in which we operate. We partner with essential community organisations to deliver positive outcomes and contribute to the future prosperity of the region.”

“When starting a business in the region engage with local government, key community, and industry stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the key challenges. Having an insight into local factors such as youth unemployment, ageing work population, and education is important to long term business success. We hope that the Loddon Mallee Region is readily associated with Gold and the name Agnico Eagle.”

“Be prepared to invest in your communities, have a long-term vision, invest in local programs, collaborate with other businesses, local government and regional networks.” – Ion Hann, VP Australian Operations



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